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  • Why Is My Diffuser Not Misting?
    1.Make Sure The Water Is Not Over The Max Line And The Diffuser Is Plugged In With Power Supply Source. 2.Unit Needs To Be Cleaned As Oil Residue Is Clogging The Ceramic Disc. To Clean, Simply Wipe Down The Unit With Warm Water And A Soft Cloth. A Cotton Swab Dipped In Alcohol (For Deep Cleaning Only) Can Be Used To Break Up The Oil On The Disc.
  • Should Water Collect On The Vapor Insert, Lid Nozzle Or Cover?
    Condensation Is A Normal Occurrence While The Unit Is Misting. Remove Cover And Vapor Insert And Allow The Unit To Completely Dry Between Uses.
  • The Appliance Emits Less Vapour Than Before. Why?
    A Smaller Volume Of Vapour Released Can Be Caused By Impurities (E.G. Limescale) In The Lower Water Chamber. In This Case, Carefully Clean The Lower Chamber, Especially The Water Disperser, According To The Instructions. The Problem Can Also Be In The Water - If It Is Old Or Too Dirty, The Appliance May Not Work Properly.
  • How To Clean Your Diffuser?
    1. Unplug Your Diffuser, And Take The Diffuser Cover And Water Reservoir Lid Off. Empty Out Any Water That’s Left In The Diffuser. 2. Wipe Out The Water Reservoir And Lid With A Damp Cloth To Get Rid Of Any Essential Oil Residue. 3. Fill The Water Reservoir Up Halfway And Add One Teaspoon Of White Vinegar. 4. Run The Diffuser For 30-45 Minutes. This Mixture Will Clear Out Any Leftover Residue.
  • How Often To Clean The Water Tank?
    We Recommend Cleaning Your Aroma Diffuser Frequently, Especially When You Change Your Selection Of Essential Oils. Follow The Instructions In The Manual For Cleaning.
  • Is The Plastic In The Diffusers BPA-Free?
    Yes. The Plastic Reservoir Of Each Bloomair Diffuser Is Made From A High-Quality, BPA-Free Plastic.
  • Are Your Essential Oils 100% Pure?
    Yes. Our Oils Are 100% Pure With Absolutely No Fillers, Diluting Oils, Synthetic Fragrances, Or Unnatural Components Of Any Kind.
  • What Is The Lifespan Or Expiry Date Of Essential Oils?
    The Lifespan Of An Essential Oil Varies As Oxygen, Heat And Light Affect The Overall Degradation Of The Oil,So Storage Is Critical To Its Preservation. For Example, Orange Oxidizes Very Quickly And Has A Shelf Life Of About 18-24 Months While Patchouli Which Is Thick And Viscose Gets Better With Age. All Bloomair Pure Essential Oils Have Expiry Dates Recorded On The Bottle. Despite This Date Use Your Own Judgment Before Discarding An Expired Oil. You Just May Be Discarding A Perfectly Good Oil Which Has Matured Over Time!
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