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Transparent Amber Color Glass Jar
Hessian style bag
Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock Stone



Color: Tawny
Material: Glass&Crystal
Dimensions: 9.7 x 10.7 x 6.1 cm
Weight: 300g
Salt Rock Dia: 2-3cm

Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock Stone

  • The concept of Aroma crystal stone originated from Europe. It is simply understood that the essence oil is used to nourish the stone. The natural crystal ore has excellent adsorption ability, which can let the essential oil completely penetrate into the stone and slowly volatilize the fragrance.
    Aroma crystals stones can be used with essentialoil and help it diffusion to enhance intuition, encourage tranquility and stability, relieve stress, heal drunkenness and hangovers and make room fragrant, which is very good for home, office and studio use. It is an ideal gift for home decoration and fragrance.
    The colors and lines of natural ores are all works of nature; Crystals are not artificially dyed and will not fade after dripping essential oil. The stone will not be damaged, so there is no service life. Notice: Dropping essential oils of different flavors when the original fragrance drops on the stone are evaporated.