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1. USB interface and AAA battery-operated essential oil diffuser, covering an area of about 50 square feet

2.  Mini diffuser with elegant solid wood cap, quiet operation and small discreet light

3.  Fan diffuser without water and heat, no messy when having aromatherapy on the go

4.Palm-sized aroma diffuser ideal for gifting and personal use, eg. besides computer, desktop, closet, on the plane or train, etc.

5. Included: 1 x diffuser ; 1 x USB power cord; 1 x Manual ; 3 x extra cotton  pads (could be changed to High polymers replaceable pads)

Mini Simple Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

  • This white minimalist waterless diffuser is designed for those who need to enhance their lives and fill their offices, cars, small bathrooms or mini bedrooms with scents anytime, anywhere.